What My Clients Say...

I thought you might be interested to read about the experiences of two of my clients.

Everyone's experience of chronic fatigue is so unique to them that it isn't possible to resolve their symptoms by following a prescriptive "step 1, 2, 3" type approach.

Through working together emotionally, intellectually and energetically we are able to unpick what is going on.  Through this process, my clients re-build their energy levels along with their self confidence and trust in their body.

I often refer to it as developing a "toolkit of techniques".  I feel it's really important to have the knowledge and ability to resolve your fatigue rather than rely on someone like me to continually "fix you".  My role is to support you as you develop a toolkit that will stand yo in good stead for the future.

Rachael's Story

I have had Chronic Fatigue for about sixteen years.  After my second daughter was born, I got severe post-natal illness which set my Chronic Fatigue off again.  I found the Chrysalis Effect online and started doing the programme.  I needed one-to-one support too.  I’m one of those people who needs to see results or I will give up.  That’s when I found Suzanne.

I found Suzanne really approachable.  She went above and beyond to help me with a phone call or email to say, “how are you getting on?”  It’s those extra touches that show that she cares about her job.  Suzanne helped me to recognise my triggers without telling me.  She’s more like a problem-solver really.  We did some Kinesiology and energy work.  It seemed to get to the bottom of things.   


Since I’ve started seeing Suzanne at Reconnecting You, I’m feeling better physically and emotionally.  My mindset has completely changed, especially how I view work.  When I first went to see Suzanne, I had a big problem dealing with imposter syndrome.  I was doing too much, when I could have delegated and it had a massive impact on me.  Suzanne helped me to deal with that. 

If I hadn’t been to see Suzanne, I would always revert back to really bad fatigue with emotional stress.  I would probably go off sick at work because I couldn’t handle my role or I would be stuck in a job that I didn’t want to be in anymore.  Now I go to work at my new job to pay the bills until something else comes along because I’m going to follow a different life path.  I’m a lot happier. 

Any lingering fatigue that I’ve got, I take full ownership of it, for not doing things I’m meant to be doing.  Changing your mindset takes time when you’ve been a certain way for 40 years.  Actually, saying all this makes me realise how far I have come.  Having someone to work through it with, who understands, makes all the difference.

Janette's Story

Early Diagnosis


Last September, I had minor surgery.  After that I developed fatigue.  I had no energy and I knew that there was an underlying reason because it completely obliterated me. 


I was at work when they first sent me home sick.  People around me were taking my health and wellbeing seriously.  By the middle of October, my GP had run blood tests and diagnosed me with chronic fatigue, triggered by MRSA.  He referred me to the chronic fatigue team for Derbyshire but told me that I would have to wait for an appointment to come through.  


Recovery and Results


Instead of waiting, I went to see Suzanne immediately because I knew that she was a fatigue specialist and that health kinesiology would help me to recover.  From the therapy that Suzanne implemented, I was able to go back to work after eight months. 

I was incredibly lucky that I started seeing Suzanne straightaway.  If I had waited for the four months it took to get an appointment, I would have been hugely depressed…  And I think that it would have taken much longer to reach the point of recovery that I’ve got.  I would not be back at work now and would have felt under pressure to give up my job.  Seeing Suzanne has made a massive difference.

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