Speaking About Wellbeing In The Workplace, Employee Resilience, Wellbeing Coaching And Health Kinesiology

Spread the awareness

I am an experienced speaker and presenter who is keen to share my knowledge and spread awareness about all things fatigue-related. I do this through talks, demonstrations, courses and workshops.

With the increased focus on wellbeing in the work place and employee resilience, your business, organisation or group may be interested in presentations such as:

  • What Stress and Anxiety Does to Your Body
  • Top Tips for Better Sleep and How to Achieve It
  • 3 Key Tools for Overcoming Chronic Fatigue
  • Health Kinesiology: muscle response testing demonstrations
  • Health Kinesiology: Electromagnetic Frequencies and how they impact the body
  • Wellbeing Coaching: 1-1 sessions using established coaching techniques to achieve health goals

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