Sleep Issues: 3 simple steps to tackle poor sleep

Sleep issues are causing major problems for many of us.  Did you know that one in three* of us suffers from poor sleep?  This statistic comes from a great page on the website where you can find lots of other scary stats about how significant an impact lack of sleep has on our health and wellbeing – LINK

How lack of sleep impacts our bodies

Our bodies can cope remarkably well with short periods of poor sleep but over the long term, a sleep issues can lead to:

  • Weakened immune system

  • Increased weight gain

  • Impairment of mental ability

  • Increased likelihood of developing diabetes, heart disease and infertility

  • Lower sex drive

I think most of us get it.  We understand that sleep issues such as poor sleep, lack of sleep and disturbed sleep leave you feeling grumpy and slightly at odds with the world.

So, enough with the depressing stuff….what the dickens are we supposed to do about it?!

Make some changes

Well, like loosing weight or getting fit, we have to make some changes .  It’s not very likely that our sleep issues will just suddenly decide to correct themselves.  This is especially true if we have a pattern of poor sleep for some period of time, perhaps even since childhood.  It’s going to require a bit of effort in order to achieve better sleep.

Do something different

I very often see this quote popping up on social media and I think it’s 100% accurate – I you keep on doing what you have always done, you will keep on getting what you have always got.

So, we need to change something.


I repeat….what the dickens are we supposed to do about it?!

The easy way to tackle sleep issues

The good news is that tackling sleep issues it isn’t rocket science.  It breaks down to three steps:

STEP 1 – Get to grips with what happens when you sleep and understand why sleep plays such a vital role in keeping us healthy and well.  Learning a bit about ourselves is really useful because change is easier to handle when you understand the reasons for it.

STEP 2 -Change stuff!  There are a lots of really simple changes that you can put in place that will lead to a rapid improvement in your sleep quality and quantity.  Not only will you feel better, but you will be minimising potentially horrible consequences on your long-term health.

STEP 3 – Have a plan and a cheerleader to support you.  This last bit is crucial.  It’s why people go to slimming groups and work with personal trainers.  Change is really hard, especially if we are trying to change something you may have been doing for years.  You are likely hit challenges that will undermine what you are trying to achieve, even if your motivation level is high.  Working with a plan and having some support keeps you on track.

Getting better sleep isn’t rocket science!

If you would like to know more about how I can support you to change your sleep issues, contact me on the link – HERE

I am a fatigue specialist, working with people who have fatigue in all froms from tiredness, to exhaustion to chronic fatigue conditions like M.E, Fibromyalgia or CFS.  I help people to get their life back, and go on to live healthy and vibrant lives.  If you have fatigue, and recognise that sleep issues are part of the problem, then get in touch

Contrary to popular opinion, it is 100% possible to get your life back!!

* Taken from NHS research with NHS Choices –