Why do I waste so much energy putting off doing things?  Especially things that I actually want to do?!

An example, to show you what I mean.  I had spotted some really lovely, quirky thank you cards (from, if you must know).  I thought it would be a grand idea to pop a card in the post to say thank you to my clients over the past year.

Two weeks later, the cards are still sitting on my desk, unwritten, and beginning to take on human characteristics – they are staring at me, accusingly.  And I am really don’t like their tone of voice either!

Feel the fear, and do it anyway!

Oh my goodness!  I was afraid!  Not of the cards, that would be silly….. although I was getting concerned about their attitude!

I had a bunch of fears around what my clients might think of me when receiving my quirky little thank yous.  Would they think I was a bit weird to send such a note, a bit too “forward”?  Would they appreciate the heartfelt thanks or see it as something more commercial?  These thoughts were actually holding me back from doing what I wanted to do.

Somewhere along the line between idea and action, I had lost the impulse to “do it anyway”.

This realisation was quite something, and I thought that was it for the day – but oh no! More was to come! What if there were other little things each day or each week that I don’t follow through on because of a fear about the outcome? This was all getting very serious – reinforcements were required, tea AND biscuits to the ready!

Was I living a fear based lifestyle?  Was I wasting my precious energy having all these fabulous ideas that I then put off doing or held back from?  Sad to admit, but the answer was yes.  In quick succession I was able to think of half a dozen little ideas that had never made it past thought and into reality. These were all little things that I had put some energy into but for one reason or another had never happened….what a waste of effort.

A couple of biscuits later…

… and I made another shocking connection.  My therapy business is all geared around raising energy levels, and I have a really effective toolkit to do this!  Yet here I, with all my fears over big and little things, zapping my own energy and actually preventing me from doing all sorts of other things.

My lightbulb moment was to realise that if I just get on with it.  If I “feel the fear, and do it anyway” then I can use my precious energy to do the stuff I love instead of wasting it on worry and fear.

More tea, anyone?

If you are struggling to take the first step forward or raise your energy levels – contact me for a chat to find out how I can help (aside from providing tea and biscuits!!)