Busy, busy, busy…..

This week has just been a whirlwind of busy activity with me whizzing from one thing to the next, most of which have been really good fun!  (This, just in case you were wondering, is not a very good likeness!!)

It has been a fantastic week with a mixture of things that I wanted to do, as well as the things I have had to do.

Feeling out of kilter

Why is it then that I felt somewhat out of kilter when I woke up this morning? This was a bit more than the usual “thank goodness it’s Saturday!” feeling. I realised that whilst busy doing all sorts of fun stuff, I hadn’t actually made any time for me to relax, contemplate and get creative. I just need a bit of space.

That sounds obvious, it was the next bit that made me think – by not taking the time to find out what our individual “thing” is, we actually deny our opportunity to be of service to those around us who we would have benefitted had we found our “thing”.

Unlock your potential

From Nick’s experience, the key to unlocking potential is by investing in ourselves, nourishing our souls by taking the time and space to contemplate, being around people or places that inspire us and allowing our minds to roam free.

All of this sounds a bit airy fairy, but in the context of my busy week, I realised that I hadn’t done any of this, and as a result, was the reason I was feeling out of kilter.

I am an early bird by nature, and know from long experience that I am most productive before about 10 am. I frequently wake up with the dawn chorus, bright eyed and ready to start my day. It’s my time to be still and take advantage of my clarity of thought to be inspired, to work on my “thing”, before the minutiae of the day kick in and fill up my brain.

….and the outcome of all of this ruminating is that I have decided to manage my diary a little differently from now on to allow for a ponder or a contemplate, a visit to somewhere inspiring, maybe enjoy a little of the beauty around us, chill out or just day dream!

I would encourage you to take a few minutes to think about

  • What do you need to do to nourish your soul?

  • Who do you need to be around?

  • What places do you need to visit?

and finally…..

  • when are you going to make space to do these things?

For more information about Nick Williams – follow this link to his website

If you would like to simplfy your life and become less busy, then contact me.  There are loads of positive ways to change your life style so that you can do what you want to, but without all of the stress of busy-ness!  Reconnecting You