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Thu, Sep 19


Online - Programme + Weekly Group Zoom Call

Your Energy - Your Way Group Course Sep 2024

If you are fed up of battling alone with your chronic fatigue, then you are in exactly the right place! Join our small group of up to 6 people for this transformative 12 week course

Your Energy - Your Way Group Course Sep 2024
Your Energy - Your Way Group Course Sep 2024

Time & Location

Sep 19, 2024, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Online - Programme + Weekly Group Zoom Call

About the Workshop

If you are fed up of battling alone with your chronic fatigue,  then you are in exactly the right place!

Join our small group of up to 6 people to get:

  1. Access to the 12 week Your Energy - Your Way online programme: you will be gently guided as you put in place the foundations to recover your energy.  This tried and tested approach leads you step by step through healing your physical, mental and emotional bodies.
  2. 14 x weekly Group sessions:  be with like minded people who understand what you are living with.  During these sessions, you will fine tune what YOU need to regain your energy levels, leaving behind frustration and that feeling of struggling on your own.
  3. Measurable improvements to energy levels:  much more stable and consistent energy levels that mean you can begin to do what you want, when you want to, without worrying about crashing afterwards.  What would you be able to do with 30% more energy?!
  4. Knowledge to maintain your energy levels:  insight, tools and techniques to manage the demands of everyday life.  You'll know which levers to pull to keep you on an even keel with reliable energy levels that allow you to make plans and keep them!
  5. Increased confidence and trust in your body: find the real you and bring back joy, fun and excitement into your life so that you stay healthy and well.
  6. Release of emotions, pain and distress from the past:  gentle guidance and support to let go of the past so that you can feel relief and lightness as your energy is freed up to be used elsewhere within your body.

If you are not sure whether this programme is right for you, arrange a 15 minute Discovery Call to have a chat and find out more. 

Your Energy - Your Way

Our first meeting will take place at 4pm on Thursday 19 Sept 2024 to meet each other and begin transforming your energy levels.

New online content will be released each week and we'll use the group meetings to review and support your progress as you put the basics in place to allow your body to heal.

The meetings will take place each Thursday at 4pm and run until 5 December 2024 - imagine having more energy to enjoy the summer with!

There's no need to worry about missing out if you are unable to attend a session for any reason - all sessions are recorded and you will have a short catch up call with me to ensure you don't miss a thing.


Full price for the Group programme is £580 per person made up of £100 deposit to secure your place plus 4 x monthly payments of £120, although I'm happy to discuss spreading payments up to 6 months.  I don not want this to be a barrier to you changingyour energy levels!

Payments for the the monthly amounts will be arranged at the start of the course and can be made using debit/credi card or via bank transfer.

The 12 Week Programme moves you through 4 phases:

1. Preparing YourSELF

During the first 3 weeks you will create your vision for your future, take baseline measurements so you can track your progress and start putting in place routines that work for you.

Having clarity, direction and focus along with a way of measuring your success will keep you on track and build confidence in your body and yourSELF.

2. SELF Care

The next 4 weeks is about putting your own oxygen mask on. By making small changes based on understanding what is driving YOUR chronic fatigue, your body can begin to heal.

3. SELF Love

Weeks 7 - 10 give you the opportunity to explore what makes you, YOU! Continuing to develop a set of tools and techniques that you know support your body, make you feel better when you use them and bring about change within your physical body.

4.  Assessing YourSELF

The final 2 weeks see you stepping forward to get your needs met as you experience increased energy levels, averaging between 20-30% increase, and changes in how you feel about yourSELF.

Recovering your energy levels can feel like an impossible task, especially if you've been living with chronic fatigue for a while.  That's why using a process that works, with trained specialists who understand what you're going through and who have experience in supporting women, and men, to recovery can make all the difference!

We're here to help you change what's going on with your energy levels.  As you use the tools and techniques in this programme to make small changes happen, you will see a magical shift from "hoping" you can recover to "believing" that you can.

And you absolutely can recover your energy!

Interested but not sure if it's right for you?  It's perfectly normal to wonder whether this programme will actually make any difference to you, especially if your tried lots of things in the past.

Before you dismiss it, let's have a chat.

I am happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have so that you can decide if it might be right for you: 15 minute Discovery Call

There's nothing to pay and no obligation to do anything further.


  • Deposit - Group Course

    Sale ends: Sep 19, 10:00 AM

    Confirmation of your place on The Your Energy - Your Way Group Programme




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