Calming A Busy Head

Tools, tips and techniques on how to release stress, anxiety and worry so that you feel calm, relaxed and back in control

Why it's so important to tackle your busy head and slow your racing mind

Many people with chronic fatigue are acutely aware that stress, anxiety and worry make their symptoms worse. 


So it makes sense to find ways to reduce your stress and worry levels so that you feel less anxious.


The key is to find ways that work for you.

I would encourage you to try out different techniques, even if you have used them before. We change over time so what didn't worked before, may be exactly what you need right now (and vice versa!).

Give the different techniques below a go. 


Be curious and prepared to feel if it makes a difference to you.

If you want guidance or support, get in touch.  I am always happy to help.


Journaling is a great tool to help make sense of big, tricky, emotional stuff - the good and the bad.

A lot of people are wary, for all sorts of reasons, of writing down the thoughts that are in their head.  Maybe you kept a diary as a teenager that someone read, maybe you don't see yourself as someone who writes, maybe you are scared of what might come out.  Whatever it is, I would encourage you to try to put that behind you and give journaling a go.

On this video, my friend and colleague Susan Grainger, of Susan Grainger Therapy, and I talk about the benefits and different ways of journaling.

Go on!  Give it a go!

Journaling for Health & WellbeingSuzanne
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Take a deep breath...

How often have you had that said to you over the years?!

When you consciously take charge of how you are breathing, you are able to manage your body's unconscious, automatic response to danger.  You can take your body out of emergency, "fight or flight" mode and put it back into the more relaxed and calm "rest and digest" mode.

Here are two simple, easy to use ways to use your breath to bring your body back into a state of calm and relaxation.

As with everything, they may need a little practice, so stick with it for a few minutes.

Health Kinesiology Thymus Tap

I am a health kinesiologist, a therapy which uses muscle response testing to tap into what your body energy needs in order to flow smoothly around your body.

One technique that I teach my clients is a Thymus Tap - a simple process that gently encourages your body to come into a state of balance.

It is incredibly quick and easy to use, cannot be overused and has no contraindications at all.

Use the Thymus Tap whenever you are aware that your anxiety levels are rising.

Values and Beliefs

Our values and beliefs underpin our thoughts and actions.

They are worth looking in to in order to understand what makes us tick, especially is you struggle with high levels of stress, anxiety or worry.

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